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BULK TV Management Appliance by LG
For hotels and healthcare facilities 

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Let our LG certified technicians program your LG TV’s with an LG Free to Guest Management Appliance. Save time and money immediately.


Broadcasts Channel Line-up and Installer Menu Configuration. LG's Free-To-Guest Management Appliance delivers the channel line-up to the guest rooms, via the hotels' RF distribution with minimal head end equipment installed.

  • Configure Commercial Installer Menu Settings from head end Eliminates the need for in-room configuration of TV settings
  • Manage Channel Line-up Changes
  • Manage Channel Label Changes
  • Denote Pro:Idiom® Encrypted Content To enable Pro:Idiom® tuning
  • Designate a Start up Channel
  • Syncronized Time/Date
  • Broadcast to all FTG devices on a regular basis
  • Compatible with LG's FTG LMT7Z9 card and LG Models with Integrated b-LAN™
  • FTG Software V5.0 or greater is required to configure the FMA-LG101
  • To access FTG Software application go to

Commercial Connect Television is certified through LG to program the Free-to-Guest Management Appliance System on your hotel, healthcare center, or business' televisions!

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