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Stream TV  - Free for your Guests and Residents - with our new Advanced Entertainment Platform!

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We are a leading national VAR of HD Hospitality and Commercial Televisions. If you require Pro:Idiom TV’s, not a problem. We will always offer you competitive quotes.

DIRECTV® allows hotel guests to search and select the programming they want to watch, just like at home. Give your guests an unparalleled entertainment experience.

Whether someone is in a living in a long term care, or assisted living facility, DIRECTV® makes it easy to keep everyone entertained. Nothing makes people feel at home like DIRECTV®.

Gives customers or employees round-the-clock access to DIRECTV® news and entertainment. Keep up to date with information and news to stay ahead of the competition.


DIRECTV® has entertainment solutions to fit any business. 86% of bar and restaurant subscribers believe DIRECTV® programming creates a more lively atmosphere.