How do I order DIRECTV?

To order DIRECTV for your property, simply call us at 877-789-7995 or email  

Who can help me with technical questions about our TV system?

Our technical sales employees can help with questions about TV system hardware, distribution, and DIRECTV programming.

How do I talk to a live person about installing DIRECTV at my business?

Call us during 9:00 - 5:00 Monday - Friday

Where’s the best place to buy TV’s?

We work with a number of vendors to get the best prices on many different brands of TV's. We can help you unravel the mystery of hospitality, healthcare, and other technologies available.

What are the benefits to my customers, having DIRECTV instead of cable?

Favorite TV channels in crystal clear HD. Property channel, NFL Sunday Ticket, clear signal and reliable technology, access to technicians who answer your questions and address the needs specific to each property

How can I save money on my TV programming?

There are a lot of ways to reduce your TV programming costs. Call us to find out about DIRECTV subsidies, premium programming cash-back incentives, and programming discounts

How long does it take to install DIRECTV at my property?

Installation of a DIRECTV system takes just a few hours: we'll make sure to transfer your TV signal over to the new system without a lapse in service to your customers/patients/guests.

How do I know what channels we can get?

DIRECTV has different Packages available. We'll help you take the mystery out of it and make recommendations based on your client base and budget.

How much does DIRECTV cost?

The cost varies by the type of business.  There is a financial benefit to purchasing the equipment (lease options available) which help your bottom line. We make it simple and affordable, combining the TV's, hardware and installation in one simple lease. Discounts and subsidies are available: call for more details. 

Can you help me find the best deals from DIRECTV?

Absolutely! It's our goal to provide you with excellent television programming, quality picture and sound, and save you money. We keep informed about the highest quality and best value TV programming, TV's, and equipment.

How reliable is the satellite TV signal and DIRECTV equipment?

Our solutions are designed for reliability and to overcome the technological challenges of the foreseeable future. We focus on quality through our commitment to provide first-rate equipment and service.

What if I have questions about my DIRECTV system?

For questions, purchases, troubleshooting, system HD upgrades, just call us: we're here to answer your questions.

How do I order DIRECTV remote controls or receivers?

To order a replacement DIRECTV remotes or other remotes compatible with your DIRECTV system, call or email us with your order and we'll have it shipped to your location.

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