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Everything Looks Better In HD

We sell Pro:Idiom HD hospitality TV's which are compatible with the COM2000 headend system.

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With hundreds of channels available in crystal clear HD, let us add clarity to your world with HD. Attract Customers with High Definition Service, and Increase Your Bottom Line! We deliver High Definition quality DIRECTV programming to help you set your business apart.

We deliver High Definition TV programming to:

  • Hotels and Motels

  • Healthcare Facilities

  • Bars and Restaurants

  • Waiting Areas

  • ​Retail Stores

  • Private Offices / Conference Rooms

  • Multi-unit Commercial Properties: 
    Bachelors Quarters, College Campus Dormitories

We engineer and install the latest distribution technology solutions to bring High Definition programming to your business. In many cases we use a combination of technologies to provide the HD programming that is right for you.

  • Single Wire Solutions

  • Off-Air Digital Head end Solutions

  • High Definition ProIdiom SMATV Solutions 
    (Thomson COM2000)

Let our team of experts customize the solution that is right for you. We will walk you through the process and make it easy and seamless. Once installed, we are here for you with quality service and support.

Our HD solutions are designed for reliability and to overcome the technological challenges of the foreseeable future. We focus on giving you the best deals in quality and value, and are committed to providing first-rate solutions and service. Let us help you take the mystery out of HDTV.


With industry trends focused on creating a more “home-like” television experience, many hoteliers are upgrading their guest room amenities to include high-definition television (HDTV). We deliver a reliable and cost-effective HDTV solution for our customers…from delivering local digital broadcasts (ABC, CBS, FOX, and NBC) to delivering cable networks such as ESPN, Discovery and HBO in high definition. 


While local digital television broadcast can be pulled form a terrestrial antenna, processed and distributed without being encrypted, networks such as ESPN, Discovery, HBO and other networks require their HD digital programming signal in certain properties wire hotels to be encrypted to combat and reduce signal piracy. We offer two options including our COM2000 ProIdiom and our DRE: DIRECTV Residential Experience. ProIdiom technology is a digital video content security system, also called digital rights management solution, designed to encrypt the signal so that only authorized ProIdiom High Definition televisions can decode and display the HD programming. Hospitality televisions with built-in ProIdiom decoders are required to receive this programming. 


We deliver HDTV programming to the guest rooms over the existing coaxial cable infrastructure from a headend. There is no need to re-cable your property. Our ProIdiom-compliant COM2000 HD solution utilized QAM  technology and ProIdiom encryption. We customize each system to accommodate any number of channels as required by our customers. 


We deliver the At-Home DIRECTV Experience. Guests will enjoy hundreds of HD channels. With this technology we deliver all channels directly to the TV.  The DIRECTV HD receiver is authorized to decrypt the channels at the television. Benefits include access to hundreds of HD channels, interactive channel guide, and a simplified remote with an antimicrobial finish.

DIRECTV is one of the smartest ways to upgrade your property and set it apart. One centralized dish serves your entire building or complex, and you benefit from great programming rates, reduced package prices, and customized choices you can tailor to your property.

You will enjoy quality installation and ongoing support from your authorized DIRECTV dealer, a provider of DIRECTV's higher customer satisfaction ratings than cable ten years running.
 We engineer and install the latest distribution technology solutions to bring High Definition programming to your business. In many cases we use a combination of technologies to provide the HD programming that is right for you: Single Wire Solutions, Off-Air Digital Head end Solutions, and High Definition ProIdiom SMATV Solutions (Thomson COM2000) Need new HD TVs & Mounts? (click here) or Call us at 877-789-7995

High definition TV: WE MAKE IT EASY