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Increase Your Bottom Line NOW.

Inform and entertain. Don’t just read about it. Watch it happen. 

Restaurants and bars 
With better entertainment, you improve the customer experience and drive repeat visits. More games, more sports …. MORE CUSTOMERS

Business Viewing
From sports clubs to dental offices, DIRECTV is a cost-effective way to generate more business. Keep customers entertained while they wait, shop or work out.

Private Offices
Around-the-clock access to breaking news that shapes your industry. DIRECTV delivers the programming your business needs to see.

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Nothing makes the time fly like great TV entertainment!

​DIRECTV offers the perfect TV solution to make working out an enjoyable entertainment experience. Plus, we’ll give you all the information you need to continue making the best TV choices for your business, from a weekly TV guide to helpful tips and tricks, delivered straight to your inbox.

DIRECTV for Fitness centers

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