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BULK TV Management Appliance by LG
For hotels and healthcare facilities 

Let our LG certified technicians program your LG TV’s with an LG Free to Guest Management Appliance. Save time and money immediately.


Broadcasts Channel Line-up and Installer Menu Configuration. LG's Free-To-Guest Management Appliance delivers the channel line-up to the guest rooms, via the hotels' RF distribution with minimal head end equipment installed.

  • Configure Commercial Installer Menu Settings from head end Eliminates the need for in-room configuration of TV settings
  • Manage Channel Line-up Changes
  • Manage Channel Label Changes
  • Denote Pro:Idiom® Encrypted Content To enable Pro:Idiom® tuning
  • Designate a Start up Channel
  • Syncronized Time/Date
  • Broadcast to all FTG devices on a regular basis
  • Compatible with LG's FTG LMT7Z9 card and LG Models with Integrated b-LAN™
  • FTG Software V5.0 or greater is required to configure the FMA-LG101
  • To access FTG Software application go to

Commercial Connect Television is certified through LG to program the Free-to-Guest Management Appliance System on your hotel, healthcare center, or business' televisions!

The RCA Hotel Management Solution is another option to decrease the unseen costs of owning a TV. The maintenance requirement for each TV set can become costly, updating max volume, changing a channel lineup or reprogramming TV’s for new content providers requires hours of labor when you must visit every hotel room to perform an update. With the RCA Hotel Management Package, send a signal to all your TVs at once and reprogram them in minutes, saving both time and money.

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