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directv's ipad app makes management easy

The DIRECTV™ iPad® App gives Public, Business and Private Viewing customers control of all their DIRECTV Receivers from just one iPad®! 
■    Quickly identify receivers with custom names
■    See what’s playing on all your TVs from one screen
■    Channel surf using the DIRECTV programming guide
■    View all current and upcoming sports schedules

More details:
■   The iPad® App is available for free through the Apple Store.
■ Only one DIRECTV™ iPad® App is available for download in the Apple Store.
■   After download and activation, you will be able to select which version of the app you
​ would like to use (Business or Residential) through Account Settings.
■ There is no recurring monthly fee for iPad® App.
■    If additional equipment or professional installation is required, there may be additional,
one-time charges.
■ The app is intended for Public, Business and Private viewing segments.