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Connect a TV to your TV system so you can view the receiver your are re-tuning.   If you do not have a TV connected to your system already, then please secure a TV. An easy location to connect the TV to is the launch "amplifier". Use a coaxial cable to connect the TV to the "TEST OUTPUT" port on the amplifier. Make sure you perform a CATV Channel scan on your TV to ensure you are viewing all channels from your system. 

Tune your TV to the channel that you want to change (for example, if you want to re-tune channel 24 from MTV to Animal Planet, put the TV on channel 24.  You will see the current channel on 24 which in this case is MTV.)  Find the DIRECTV receiver that corresponds to channel 24, and press GUIDE on the front panel of the DIRECTV receiver (do not use a remote!).  The DIRECTV channel guide will appear on the TV.  Press the receiver up and down arrow keys on the front panel of your receiver to find the new channel. Once you are on the desired channel (which in this case is Animal Planet), press Select on the front panel of the DIRECTV receiver: you should then see the new channel appear on the TV.

Helpful hint: NEVER use a DIRECTV remote to re-tune your system. If you do, you will change the channel on all receivers and will have to re-tune all channels.

Notes:  These instructions are for analog TV systems only and do not pertain to digital TV systems. If your TV's are programmed to display specific channel logos and you need to change these as well, you can re-program them individually, or ask us about an installed FMA system.