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Philo provides your university customers access to popular DIRECTV® programming on their laptops, tablets, and mobile devices anywhere on the private campus data network. With Philo, residents can now watch live TV or record their favorite programs to watch on their own schedule, anywhere on campus.

We open doors to motivated buyers, passionate viewers, and a cutting-edge service that enables you to generate the new revenue you’re looking for.

Philo is already implemented at dozens of U.S. colleges, including University of Alabama, Stanford, and the University of Washington

  • Philo does the heavy lifting for IT administrators

  • Reduces inbound traffic

  • Fewer DMCA takedown notices

  • No special network configuration

  • Decreases maintenance hassle thanks to Philo’s remote management

  • Housing and admissions lo ve Philo’s competitive edge

  • Provides an on-campus amenity that draws students to campus

  • Keeps the university tech-forward and ahead of the competition

  • Creates satisfied students: 66% of surveyed students say Philo improves on-campus life 

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