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Satellite Master Antenna Systems (SMATV) 

Free-to-guest programming is available to hotels and motels as well as dormitories, hospitals, marinas, RV parks, lodges and nursing homes. Commercial Connect Television Inc. designs, engineers and installs these custom SMATV (Satellite Master Antenna Television) systems for many types of properties. Domestic cable networks, such as ESPN, CNN, HBO, Discovery etc., and many international television channels are available for your system. The SMATV system processes the digital satellite signal and delivers the free-to-guest signal through the existing cable system. 

Bulk Programming - save and increased your bottom line NOW.

We understand your requirements... to provide the best channel line-up, service and value, all within your budget. 

Here are the highlights of the same SMATV System:
■ Access to hundreds of channels, customized to your property
■ No need to re-cable your property (save the expense)
■ Digital Technology
High Definition Programming
■ Monthly Savings over Cable
■ Great financing options available 

RCA Hotel Management Solution
The RCA Hotel Management Solution is an option to decrease the unseen costs of owning a TV. The maintenance requirement for each TV set can become costly, updating max volume, changing a channel lineup or reprogramming TV’s for new content providers requires hours of labor when you must visit every hotel room to perform an update. With the RCA Hotel Management Package, send a signal to all your TVs at once and reprogram them in minutes, saving both time and money.

The programming is chosen by the property for a truly customized channel lineup. We can add channels to the local "off-air" channels, pay-per-view, (VOD) channels and even closed circuit TV channels. We work with you every step of the way to make sure you get the system, programming and service that is right for your property.
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DIRECTV programming for Hotels and Motels

Help Your Guests Feel At Home:
  • DIRECTV® allows hotel guests to search and select the television programming they want to watch, just like at home.
  • You can co-brand the interactive programming guide with your business logo, customizing the in-room experience.
  • Insert up to 50 customizable cable or high definition DIRECTV channels, integrated seamlessly into the guide.
  • Send custom messages to hotel, motel, or dorm rooms individually or in groups.​